Download the all inclusive registration form by clicking the link below:

Registration closing:

All inclusive July 15th

Special rate :

For registration received before May 1st

Extract from the “Terms and Conditions”

Vehicules allowed, cars and motocycles :

  • Every vehicules should be pre-80’s ; exceptions could be discuss with the organizingcommittee.
  • For the public and all crews’ respect, the vehicules must be in perfect working condition and presentation.
  • The organizing committee has the right to refuse an entry without having to justify its decision.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions for participation, included in the registration form.

Small Glossary

The Competitor :
The competitor is the individual participant, so called because each vehicle “competes”. Each vehicle must be 30 or more years old. It has to be in perfect working condition and presentation (mechanics, bodywork, upholstery).

The delegation :
C’est l’ensemble des équipages (pilote + passager ou passagère) issus d’un même pays. Chaque délégation est accueillie puis « pilotée » pendant son séjour par un responsable parlant la langue du pays (Allemagne, Grande Bretagne, Pologne, Italie, Tchéquie, Luxembourg, Belgique, Espagne, Portugal, Suisse).

A crew is made up of a driver and one passenger. A delegation consists of all the crews coming from the same country. During the three-day event, each delegation taking part is welcomed and guided by a responsible person who speaks the language of the delegation’s country (Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland).

The Guided Drive:
It consists in a drive in rural or urban areas, no course is timed. All travel must be made in accordance with the French Highway Code.