The “Aube en Champagne” touristic map

The “Aube en Champagne” department territories

At 1:30 east of Paris, the Aube is on the borders of Bourgogne and in the historical Champagne area.

By cars :

Carrefour highway A5 / A26 in the crossroad of major European roads.

The distance to drive to Aube


Paris is at 170 km
Orly is at 163 km
Roissy is at 98 km
Lille is at 330 km
Bordeaux is at 650 km
Lyon is at 377 km
Strasbourg is at 385 km
Reims (trainstation) is at 126 km
Dijon is at 182 km
Orléans is at 198 km
Nantes is at 523 km
Brest is at 731 km
Toulouse is at 707 km
Marseille is at 688 km


Brussels is at 352 km
Amsterdam is at 568 km
London is at 509 km
Berlin is at 1034 km
Bern is at 446 km
Rome is at 1265 km
Luxembourg is at 293 km
Madrid is at 1340 km

By train: 

Ligne SNCF (Paris – Belfort – Mulhouse)
Paris – Troyes :

By plane:

Business Airport Troyes en Champagne
Business Airport  Paris-Vatry, then 30 minutes