The “48 Heures” were created in 1986 on the initiative of two local associations, the Kiwanis Club of Troyes helped by the “Rétro Club Automobile de Champagne”  (cf. onglet Fondateurs 48 Heures).
Some other friendly associations came gradually strengthen the voluntary workforce to ensure:


– The rallies’ safety:

By the “Bikers du Chapter Pays d’Othes – Troyes”, meaning the local bikers club lovers of Harley Davidson. At each edition, all dressed in black leather, they secure the rallies driving their famous and gleaming motorcycles.
And as they all have a “big biker heart”, they’re selling pin’s edited for a good cause: cancer in 2007, Alzheimer in 2008 and FFAC (French Federation of Associations of Guide Dogs for the Blind) in 2010. Feel free to give them the best welcome!

– The parkings safety:

This association gathers the active and reserves hunters, and some battalion they belong to or have belonged to. It is affiliated with the FNAC (“Fédération Nationale des Amicales de Chasseurs à pied, alpins et mécanisés”).
The “Diables Bleurs” (Blue Devils) are devoted to cultivate the Hunters traditions, to serve as a link between old and young comrades and to serve the interests of its members.
With their military experience, they ensure the safety of all during the “48 Heures”.

Jeanne Mance Association is a school in Troyes, which offers a variety of professional education and training around personal services, businesses and community. As part of educational projects, students may participate to actions “on the field” supervised by teachers.
The aim of these actions is to “Bring the young people to take their place in society by becoming a responsible adult, supportive, tolerant, honest, strict with himself and able to make well-reasoned choices.”

– The circulation:

The “Association Sportive Automobile Auboise” aims to develop the practice of automotive sport, in any discipline whatsoever: rally, hill climb, slalom, autocross etc…
It organizes, among other things, the famous regional hill climb in Montgueux which gathers every year in August , more than 130 competitors.
It is quite naturally and with great kindness that ASA 10 advises us and helps us in the organization and achievement of the promenade tour around Gambetta Park on Sunday.

– Safety stations:

  • Association Départementale de Protection Civile

– The organization of elegance parades:

This association brings together lovers and owners of George IRAT automobiles in order to disclose and to reconstruct the history of this little-known brand. With its spare parts service, it helps the restoration and maintenance of these cars.
During each edition of the “48 Heures”, they make us dream and they transmit their passion during the parade of Elegance and excellence, by telling the story of the vehicles from our competitors.


Thus, each edition, it is not less than 200 volunteers involved into the good proceeding of the “48 Heures”, without them this manifestation would not be possible.
That everyone finds here the expression of our sincere and heartfelt thanks.