Originally, two associations:


The Club Kiwanis Troyes N°1 (K1) :

The first French service club Kiwanis was founded in 1965. Nowadays, there are more than 250 clubs in France, all gathered around a common goal: “Serving the Children of the World”.Very active, the Troyes club No. 1 is particularly investing into the “48 Heures Européennes d’Automobiles Anciennes de Troyes”, an event born in 1986, the meeting between Kiwanians and members of “Rétro Club Automobile de Champagne”.



The Rétro Club Automobile de Champagne (RCAC) :

Since 1977, the “Rétro Club Automobile de Champagne” has gathered together vintage cars and motorcycles lovers, making it a privileged place of exchange for all its members.Naturally, in 1986, the RCAC enrolled into the creation of the “48 Heures” with the Kiwanis, in order to welcome a true rolling museum and make lovers of industrial history and automobile heritage daydream.




Thus, the Association “48 Heures Européennes d’Automobiles Anciennes de Troyes” in partnership with the “K1” and “RCAC” welcomes a growing number of crews and spectators over the editions, not without perpetuating the charitable purpose of the beginning. Indeed the association devotes raffle benefits to support child welfare associations. This rally – now became European – maintains its original values and follows the path initiated by its founders.