Since their creation, thanks to the help of the Kiwanis Club of Troyes and the Rétro Automobile Club de Champagne, the “48 Heures Automobiles Anciennes de Troyes” have provided help and assistance to people in need.


2014: Purchase of educational materials for the benefit of the “Centre Départemental de l’Enfance de l’Aube”

2012: Purchase of educational materials for the benefit of 11 associations of “L’Outil en Main” from the Aube French department.

2010: Purchase of leisure and therapeutic equipment (tricycle, bench, slide…) to the Medico-Social and Educational Centre Chanteloup in Sainte Savine.

2008: Purchase of bikes for the Aube Autism Children.

2006: Purchase of educational and leisure materials for “L’école des Enfants Malades” and participation to a skiing holiday for the association “Sauvegarde de l’Enfance”.

2004: Purchase of a vehicle for the benefit of the French Red Cross, participation to a skiing holiday in Lamoura for 12 young people from the association “Sauvegarde de l’Enfance”.

2002: Purchase of a vehicle designed for the benefit of France Paralysed People Association.

2000: Help to “Clin d’Oeil Jeunes”: Association from the Aube area for the Protection of Children and Teenagers.

1998: Support to “l’Hôtel du Nord” (Association that finds accommodation to young people in difficulty).

1996: Help given to A.P.E.I . (Association des Parents d’Enfants Inadaptés de l’Aube): an Association of Parents who have handicapped children, in the establishment of the first home centre for young adults with autism.

1994: Help to the district: Youth and relaxation Association.

1992: Help to the integration of young people looking for jobs.

1991: Support given to the association of Adaptation and Preparation to Working Life for young people over 16 years.

1990: Support given to home care for elderly people, A.S.I.M.A.T and A.D.M.R.

1989: Support to « Mai des Handicapés ».

1987: A team constituted of young people in difficulty (L’essor de Rosière) participated to the “Marathon des sables” in 1988.

1986: Accommodation improvement in Copainville.